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New Learn ArcGIS Lesson: Manage a Mobile Workforce

By Kyle Bauer, Learn ArcGIS Team, and Paul Barker, Product Engineer

Manage a Mobile Workforce In the new Manage a Mobile Workforce lesson on the Learn ArcGIS website, you’ll learn how to streamline the process of transferring data to your GIS. This lesson lets you take on the role of a GIS specialist assigned to manage routine inspections of fire hydrants in the city of Naperville, Illinois. First you’ll publish the fire hydrant inspection data from ArcMap to ArcGIS Online. This will allow you to easily share your data with anyone online. In ArcGIS Online, you’ll create a web map and share it with your workforce. You’ll then use Collector for ArcGIS to input field observations directly into your interactive web map, allowing you to automatically update your web map with the latest data.

Build skills in these areas:

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Kyle Bauer

Kyle is a Product Engineer on the Learn ArcGIS team.

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