Esri Partners with IBM in Call for Code Global Challenge

Our world is changing, and the cost of inaction is dire.

“What if a global platform could be created to inspire developers everywhere to come together to take on the world’s most pressing challenges? A justice league for good if you will.” David Clark

Esri is partnering with IBM and the David Clark Cause on the Call for Code Global Challenge by making its ArcGIS Platform technology available to developers to use in their solution. Call for Code is the largest tech for good initiative of its kind. The world is facing unprecedented, interconnected challenges such as climate change and racial inequity, and we know Esri technology is already helping. Call for Code is different from many other hackathons in that top solutions are deployed to make a demonstrable difference in the communities with greatest need. Thousands of developers of all levels from around the world are participating and competing for prizes and recognition.

Hackathons stimulate the creative juices of developers and allow them to apply their problem-solving skills in new directions. New ideas are born, risks are taken, new relationships are forged. Developers have incentive through prizes, recognition, teamwork, and peer review. Above all, there is a sense of contributing toward the common good leveraging what we are good at: writing code to solve problems.

Esri is particularly well suited to apply ArcGIS technology to help address these types of challenges by giving developers a solid foundation to build their project on. Climate change and racial inequities are problems of location, from local community to global scale. In fact, you can see many applications of ArcGIS in similar solutions:

and many more success stories to help inspire developers to utilize ArcGIS technology to provide robust solutions.


Call for Code Global Challenge

Join the fight against climate change by building and deploying open-source solutions in the cloud. Built on open-source principles, the Call for Code Global Challenge asks developers and problem solvers to form teams and develop solutions that address specific problems in unique, clearly demonstrable ways. The most successful solutions are those scoped to have the greatest community impact with the smallest technological footprint.

According to the United Nations, “The impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Without drastic action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be more difficult and costly.” Given the far-reaching and devastating effects of climate change, the 2021 Global Challenge is divided into sub-themes:


ArcGIS Is the Tech You Need

Esri is the global leader in understanding location and was founded to help solve some of the world’s most difficult problems. ArcGIS software, apps, maps and data combine mapping and data analytics to deliver location intelligence to help solve difficult problems and inspire positive change. Developers around the world are using location intelligence to assess climate change and address climate risk by using GIS and creating smart maps to understand impact, increase awareness, and offer solutions.

By joining the Call for Code Global Challenge, participants will receive from Esri:

For those new to ArcGIS, we have numerous resources to help get started:

We are hoping developers, both familiar with ArcGIS and those new to the platform, are inspired to take part in this important event and inspire positive change in our world. Once registered, visit us in our dedicated Slack channel or on the Esri Community group for more information.

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