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Introducing Shared Theme: a new app styling capability in ArcGIS Online

At Esri we are working hard to make our users successful.  One of the challenges organizations have faced is the ability to easily apply a consistent thematic flavor to information products created using our suite of configurable apps.

With the March update to ArcGIS Online we are introducing new administrative settings to help improve the experience when creating web apps with configurable app templates, including several popular Story Map apps.  Once configured in the organization settings, the Shared Theme properties offer the ability to easily provide more consistent branding for newly created web apps.  Prior to this update, organizations could achieve a common theme, but it would have required the training and coordination of staff to correctly enter the appropriate values when publishing a web app.

The shared theme allows an organization’s administrator to define the color for different elements of an application once and then these settings will become the default options for newly created application items.

The shared theme includes more properties than many of the apps support, but each one will apply the relevant properties, resulting in a consistent look and feel for apps created in the organization.

You can defined the following properties in the shared theme:

Publishers of web apps will still have the ability to override the Shared Theme, but the values chosen by the administrator will become the default properties presented within the app configuration panel for a newly created app.  The theme is only applied to newly created apps to avoid changing existing applications that have been published.

Here is a sneak peak at the organization setting:

Here is a screenshot of the Maps and Apps Gallery which contains examples showing the application of the shared theme settings.

Once this has been released, there will be a follow up blog that shows several collections of apps created using a shared theme. Keep your eyes open for shared themes in the March release and let us know what you think on geonet!

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