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Discover Greater Value from Your Big Data

Visualize and analyze your big data in a way that reveals patterns, trends, and relationships that reports don't. Even if your data exists in many disparate places, streams, or web logs, Esri technology can pull it all together to help focus your decision making.


Geographic analysis turns data into wisdom

Imagine that the raw data coming fast and furious from many sources is the foundation of your big data strategy. This data is saturated with geographic elements that you're probably not using. Geographic tools help you filter and convert those elements into geographic layers of information. You can analyze those layers to create new, more useful maps for decision making.

Expose geographic patterns

Maps are a way to see the story behind your data.

  • Retailers can see where promotions are most effective and where the competition is.
  • Banks can get an explanation of why loans are defaulting and where there is an underserved market.
  • Climate-change scientists can see the impact of shifting weather patterns.

Find spatial relationships

Seeing spatially enabled big data on a map allows you to answer questions and ask new ones. Where are disease outbreaks occurring? Where is insurance risk greatest given recently updated population shifts? Geographic thinking adds a new dimension to big data problem solving and helps you make sense of big data.

Perform predictive modeling

Predictive modeling using spatially enabled big data helps you develop strategies from if/then scenarios. Governments can use it to design disaster response plans. Natural resource managers can analyze recovery of wetlands after a disaster. Health service organizations can identify the spread of disease and ways to contain it.

Get geographic insights from social media

Putting social media data on a map helps you track a dynamic situation. Retailers display data feeds on maps to monitor and protect their brands. Banks use geographic analysis to detect fraud. The mapping of social media feeds has also helped governments worldwide gauge public sentiment in real time during significant events, such as elections and uprisings.