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GIS Showcase

GIS maps do more than display and analyze data—they also tell powerful stories. All the examples featured in this gallery manage to inspire, distinguish, promote, intrigue, or elevate their subject matter.    


By City of Brooklyn Park, MN

Forward thinking and thriving. That’s business in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. There’s a reason Brooklyn Park is called the Huburb. 6th largest City in Minnesota boasts a diverse and growing population, easy access to the Twin Cities, over 1,500 businesses, and forward thinking infrastructure investments that are sure to make Brooklyn Park a regional competitor far into the future.

By Esri

When the Northern Kentucky Health Department needed a way to communicate the severity of the opioid epidemic to the community, GIS provided the answer.

By Esri

A consortium of more than 100 nations commissioned this global map of Ecological Marine Units (EMUs) to support the wise use of ocean resources and the preservation of environmental resilience.

By Karolina Korzeniowska

The Avalanches in the Swiss Alps can be deadly. This interactive map demonstrates the ability of remote sensing to detect the location and probability of avalanche release, and the density of where avalanches occur.

By City of Seattle, WA

The Seattle Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Analysis (SHIVA) identifies 18 hazards that pose the greatest risk to the city.

By The Nature Conservancy

What can a rainforest symphony tell us about biodiversity? Scientists at The Nature Conservancy have discovered that the soundscape can provide us with clues to the composition and health of tropical ecosystems.

By Esri

They may lie dormant for centuries and then, overnight, spew cubic miles of molten rock and ash, threatening millions of people who live in their shadows. Take an interactive tour of the world's deadliest and most active volcanoes.

By Esri

Many of America’s 14,000 dams are outdated. This is the story of the Elwha River, one of the first, largest, and most successful cases of dam removal in the United States.  

By the Natural Resources Conservation Service

NRCS employees work together to help producers find and apply conservation solutions. Visit Front Field Organic Farm in Winterville, Georgia for a first-hand look at an irrigation water conservation plan in action.

By Esri

Half a million people commute to Washington, D.C. every day. As rising home values push people farther afield, commuters shoulder the burden of an ailing public transit system.

By Esri

As the number of homeless in Anchorage grew, the Mayor’s staff used GIS to keep track of camps and interactions with neighboring businesses and neighborhoods in an efficient and timely manner.

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