Arielle Stirling

I am a Product Engineer working on documentation for Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online. I create resources that help the Esri community understand and apply the latest and greatest tools in Map Viewer. Outside of work, I enjoy running and knitting (though not at the same time).

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Choosing the right app in ArcGIS for SharePoint

Understand the different apps available with ArcGIS for SharePoint, and choose the right one for your mapping needs.

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Thematic Mapping 101: How to ask and answer questions in a map

Learn how to use different kinds of thematic maps in ArcGIS Online to explore your data, ask and answer questions, and tell your data's story.

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No location? No problem! Join layers in ArcGIS for Power BI

Spatially enable your Power BI datasets to showcase your insights in a beautiful and interactive map-enabled report.

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What’s new in ArcGIS for Power BI (August 2021)

The August 2021 release of ArcGIS for Power BI introduces a redesigned map visualization, exciting new features, and performance enhancements.

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Perfect your pop-ups in ArcGIS for Office

Learn how to configure detailed and informative pop-ups in ArcGIS for Office.

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Change the basemap for a change of scene

Change the background of your ArcGIS for Power BI map to make locations and their colors stand out, helping you visualize patterns in your data.

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A great map begins with better accuracy

Geocode your location data and start seeing patterns and trends for better decision-making

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ArcGIS for Power BI: All the tools you need to create awesome maps

ArcGIS for Power BI introduces a new way to access the map tools you’ll need to create compelling maps in Power BI.

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Invigorate your PowerPoint slideshows with ArcGIS for Office

Learn how to add fully interactive maps to your PowerPoint slideshows using the ArcGIS for Office add-on.

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