Alix Vézina

Alix works on the ArcGIS Solutions Web Development team as a Product Engineer to successfully deliver industry web tools for ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, ArcGIS Experience Builder, and ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript since 2019. Prior to her work at Esri, she assisted in the digital GIS transformation of a property and land management organization in New Zealand and coauthored Esri Learn lessons for Public Safety. She has a degree in GIS from Université de Sherbrooke (Québec, Canada).

Posts by this author
Reveal the heights and depths of your utility data

Gain a unique perspective on complex utility systems using the Elevation Profile widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder.

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Explore the outdoors with the Elevation Profile widget

Use the Elevation Profile widget to evaluate the intensity and technicality of a route by examining the elevation changes.

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Go Beyond the Smart Editor using Smart Forms

Some things you couldn't do with the Smart Editor widget, but you can now do with Smart Forms.

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From the Smart Editor to Smart Forms

Learn how to replicate some of the Smart Editor widget functionality using Smart Forms.

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5 great ways to use Data Loading Tools

Use Data Loading Tools to streamline the process of loading data from a source to a target database and transform the data at the same time.

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Trace your utility network versions with ArcGIS Experience Builder

Run traces on different branch versions of your utility network feature service using ArcGIS Experience Builder.

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Configure an Application to Trace a Utility Network

Configure an application in the Instant Apps or Experience Builder to trace how resources flow in a utility network.

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Trace a Utility Network with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Trace how resources flow through a utility network with ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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Manage Your Branch Versions with ArcGIS Experience Builder

A widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder for managing branch versions in your Enterprise geodatabases through published web services.

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