Colin Childs

Colin Childs is a product engineer for Learn ArcGIS team at Esri who has been doing GIS for 30 years. Before coming to Esri in 2001, he was an Esri software instructor for the Esri distributor in South Africa. A CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+), Childs holds Esri Certified ArcGIS Desktop Professional, Esri Certified Enterprise Geodatabase Management Professional, and Esri Certified Enterprise Geodatabase Management Associate and was an instructor at Esri’s corporate offices in Redlands for 15 years. He holds bachelor and honors degrees in geography from Rand Afrikaans University (Now UJ -University Of Johannesburg).

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Work with Excel files in ArcGIS Pro

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Explore how to configure multiple feature layers from a single feature classes contained in a geodatabase.

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Explore attribute fields and data validation in ArcGIS Pro

Implement and apply attribute validation techniques to geodatabase features to ensure data integrity and simplify data collection and editing

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Create and Manage Metadata in ArcGIS Pro

Have you ever wanted to use a particular dataset, but you didn't know its history, completeness, purpose, or accuracy - Metadata provides a way.

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