Clinton Johnson (he, him, his)

Clinton leads Esri's Racial Equity & Social Justice team and he also founded and leads the NorthStar of GIS, a community organization that focuses on racial justice and works to advance equity and belonging for people Black / African diaspora in GIS. Clinton advocates for justice, representation, and belonging for Black people and other people from underrepresented groups in GIS and STEM more broadly. Clinton takes an empathic approach to technology, beginning with real-world challenges faced by diverse communities and finding creative ways to implement practical solutions.

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Planning a Racially Equitable COVID-19 Recovery

Governments and organizations are moving from response to recovery. Here we describe ways GIS can aid in a racially equitable COVID-19 recovery.

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Community Engagement for Racial Equity During COVID-19

GIS can be used to promote community engagement for racial equity during COVID-19.

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Use ArcGIS Dashboards to Increase Racial Equity in Your COVID-19 Response

Gain guidance to use ArcGIS Dashboards to see racial inequities at a glance and increase racial equity in your COVID-19 response.

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Analyze Racial Inequity During COVID-19

In this article, we will review GIS tools that can be used to analyze racial inequity during COVID-19.

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Racially Equitable COVID-19 Response Using GIS

Racially equitable COVID-19 responses are critical to identifying and supporting the most at risk, and GIS can help.

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