Elvis Takow

Elvis Takow is a solution engineer in the natural resources sector of Esri. His responsibilities involve proactively crafting and proposing solutions that clarify how GIS brings business value to the critical challenges faced by customers in their day to day work endeavors. Elvis has a PhD in Ecosystem Science & Management with an emphasis in GIS. His background involves research and development in landscape ecology and viticulture, with specific interests in spatial data analysis and the customization of GIS applications for problem solving especially in ecologically based systems.

Posts by this author
Vine scouting: Using QuickCapture and Survey123 to scout vineyards

Use Survey123 and ArcGIS QuickCapture for vine scouting in a vineyard setting

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Vineyard Inspection

Use Survey123 as a trustworthy digital solution for vineyard inspection

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Exploring vineyard operations

Use ArcGIS Explorer to search and explore your vineyard.

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Collect and Manage Vineyard Data

Use the Vineyard Management feature layer template to capture vineyard data.

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