Hannes Ziegler

Hannes is a product engineer on the Python team. He has five years of experience streamlining spatial data analysis workflows in the public and private sectors, and has been with Esri since 2019, where he focuses on the design, evaluation, and documentation of new and existing Python functionality.

Posts by this author
Leverage Apache Arrow in ArcGIS Pro

Leverage Apache Arrow to transport data at increased efficiency between ArcGIS Pro and open-source components.

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Build a package for public distribution with Anaconda

Part 2 of 2: Learn how to distribution a geoprocessing module with Anaconda to maintain Python package dependencies.

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Sharing is caring: Distribute geoprocessing and Python functionality to your coworkers, colleagues and clients

Part 1 of 2: Learn how to build a geoprocessing module to distribute custom Python toolboxes integrated with ArcGIS Pro.

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Conda Init and ArcGIS Pro

We're happy to announce the conda init command is now enabled for ArcGIS users of Python! Learn about how to use it, how it works, and benefits.

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The All New Package & Environment Manager for ArcGIS Pro

The Package Manager has had a refresh at ArcGIS Pro 3.0, discover what's new!

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Improve Your Scripts with Linting and Automatic Code Formatting

Python linter flake8 and auto-formatter black are now in the default ArcGIS Pro Environment, learn how they can improve your code.

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