Julia Lenhardt

Julia is a product engineer on the Raster team. She has been with Esri since 2014 and has a background in remote sensing and GIS for environmental research. In addition to image analysis, she has a passion for music, running, good food and animal welfare.

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Introducing the Spectral Index Library in ArcGIS

The ArcGIS Spectral Index Library introduces a streamlined option for visualizing and analyzing your imagery using spectral indices.

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Ortho Mapping in ArcGIS Pro Part II: Getting Adjusted

In Part II of this blog series, we show you how to perform a block adjustment in an ortho mapping workspace for aerial digital imagery.

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Deep Learning in ArcGIS Pro: Integrating Hierarchical Models with the ArcGIS Platform

Deep Learning modeling can now be integrated for image classification in ArcGIS Pro.

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Ortho Mapping in ArcGIS Pro Part I: Getting Organized with a Workspace

How to get started with ortho mapping in ArcGIS Pro. Create a project workspace.

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Women’s Geospatial Forum Now On GeoNet

We are excited to announce one of the newest communities on GeoNet: The Women's Geospatial Forum.

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