Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler is a Product Engineer on Esri’s Analysis and Geoprocessing Team working as a liaison to the science community. He holds a Ph.D. in Geography from Kent State University. Over the past decade he has worked on strategic projects, partnering with customers and other members of the science community to assist in the development of large ecological information products such as the ecological land units, ecological marine units and ecological coastal units. His research interests include a thematic focus on spatial statistical analytical workflows, a methodological focus on spatial clustering techniques and a geographic focus on Puerto Rico and midwestern cities.

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The Science of Where: Discovering Alternate Climate Zones through Machine Learning

Combine the power of GIS, spatial machine learning and rich climate data to understand current and future climate patterns.

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Accessing Multidimensional Scientific Data using Python

  With the 10.3 release, a new Python library, netCDF4, began shipping as part of the ArcGIS platform.  netCDF4 allows you to easi...

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Generate contours dynamically with a new raster function!

Users of elevation data or other continuous data such as temperature or air pressure, take note!

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Stacking layers of imagery in ArcGIS

This blog is in response to a comment about how to create a layer stack in ArcGIS.

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Raster Pixel Editor

Sometimes you want to change the values of the pixels in your rasters. It’s not something you’d necessarily want to do with imagery

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Everything you ever wanted to know about ordering in mosaic datasets

If you’re working with huge mosaic datasets, with hundreds or even thousands of rasters, then this blog is for you.

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Band combinations for Worldview 2

I was able to develop and test some composites that utilize these bands that you don’t see very often on other sensors.

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Change Detection in the Image Analysis Window

Continuing with the recent mini-series on using the Image Analysis Window with spectral indices

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Displaying Speed and Direction Symbology from U and V vectors

This blog shows you how to calculate and symbolize wind or current speed and direction when the underlying data is stored as U and V vect...

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