Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler is a Product Engineer on Esri’s Analysis and Geoprocessing Team working as a liaison to the science community. He holds a Ph.D. in Geography from Kent State University. Over the past decade he has worked on strategic projects, partnering with customers and other members of the science community to assist in the development of large ecological information products such as the ecological land units, ecological marine units and ecological coastal units. His research interests include a thematic focus on spatial statistical analytical workflows, a methodological focus on spatial clustering techniques and a geographic focus on Puerto Rico and midwestern cities.

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Introducing the Multidimension Supplemental tools

The Multidimension Supplemental toolbox Version 1.1 is a collection of nine tools that extend the functionality of the core tools of th...

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Including netCDF Dimension Values in the Name of an Output Layer or Table

NetCDF (network Common Data Form) is a file format for storing multidimensional scientific data (variables) such as temperature, humidity...

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