Kelly Gerrow-Wilcox

Kelly was a product manager on the ArcGIS Online team. She enjoys blogging, web mapping, and outdoor adventures.

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What’s New with Attachment Viewer

The Attachment Viewer Configurable App has been updated with some new hotly requested enhancements like a gallery of images

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Improved member management in ArcGIS Online June Update

The June 2019 update of ArcGIS Online includes new functionality to streamline adding members and finding/filtering members based on properties

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Getting to Know Administrative Groups in ArcGIS Online

The June 2019 update of ArcGIS Online introduces Administrative Groups, that puts complete membership control in the group manager's hands.

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Introducing Attachment Viewer!

Attachment Viewer is a new configurable app that makes it easier to work with images and features in a map

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Take a tour of Configurable Apps built with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x

Take a tour of new features, like dockable pop-ups and stacked labels, available in the the 4.x configurable apps

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Explore Maps and Scenes with the Compare Configurable App

Visualize 2D and 3D data using the new Compare app which offers both side-by-side and stacked comparison layout options.

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What’s Coming in ArcGIS Online: A Fresh New Look

Find out about whats new in the December Release, including user interface updates, licensing changes and changes to administration workflows

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Introducing User Types

The December 2018 update of ArcGIS Online, evolved licensing from user levels to user types. Learn more in this article.

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Exploring the Organization Activity Report

Find out what actions and events have occurred with users, items and groups using the activity report.

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