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Automate ArcGIS Enterprise deployments with Chef

Automation and scripting have long been essential to the ArcGIS Enterprise platform, and the software setup process is no different. We provide custom resources for the Chef IT automation framework to save you time and effort, regardless of the size or complexity of your intended ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. And this year, we’ve been working to expand our tutorials and videos to get you started with Chef Server.

The Chef Server process is desirable for a lot of reasons:

To get you started, we’ve launched a video series to cover everything Chef and ArcGIS Enterprise. The first two videos in the series are available now!


The introduction video gets you acquainted with Chef and ArcGIS Enterprise, and explains three essential components of the workflow: cookbooks, recipes, and roles.

Multi-machine GeoAnalytics Server

The second video in the series walks you through a full workflow — in this case, a four-machine deployment ready to handle and analyze big data with GeoAnalytics Server.

Get started

So let’s automate! Take a look at our Chef homepage on GitHub to view workflows and dive in. We encourage you to interact with us by submitting issues and feedback in the GitHub repository.

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