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Security Advisor extended to check ArcGIS Enterprise

The ArcGIS Online Security Advisor has been updated.

This July 2020 release focuses on integrating with ArcGIS Enterprise to further expedite identification of HTTP references and best practices.

You can launch the app from the ArcGIS Trust Center.

Now ArcGIS Enterprise users can connect to and use the Advisor to scan and get advice on settings and content.

Before a connection is allowed, the ArcGIS Enterprise Admin will need to register the Advisor to create an App ID.

Recent Advisor releases included:

Improved Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with AGO.

HTTP Check enhancements:

Public Survey123 Check:  Quickly discover and update the editing session of surveys are:

This is important because Public surveys are designed to collect information anonymously and to not enable public sharing of survey findings and results before the results are analyzed and interpreted by the survey owner. Survey layers with the query capability improperly configured can be accessed anonymously and queried, which may expose information in unintended ways.

For more information regarding this topic, including complete documentation for managing survey settings, please review the “Discovering and Securely Configuring Public Survey Results” document found in the documents tab in the ArcGIS Trust Center.

Publicly Shared Items:  Leverages the existing search and sharing filter within the ArcGIS Organization.  This will open a connection back into your ArcGIS content and show all of the items that are publicly shared.

Preparing for ArcGIS Online HTTPS Only



If you have any questions, please reach out to the Software Security & Privacy Team at

– Esri Software Security & Privacy Team

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