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Simplify deployments with ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for AWS

A new lightweight desktop application is available to help you deploy ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This app–ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for AWS–includes an interactive interface that guides you through the deployment process. By directing you to the components you need and providing feedback when things go wrong, the app makes it easier to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Server sites on AWS.

What can ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder do?

ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for AWS helps you create and configure the infrastructure and software that make up ArcGIS Enterprise. In other words, you choose the components and Cloud Builder creates them.

For example, you can create a portal, the federated servers and data stores that you require, and the resources needed to deploy on AWS.

Deploying from ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder
Choose the type of deployment and what it includes

Or, use Cloud Builder to create stand-alone ArcGIS Server sites and the resources they need.

Deploy stand-alone ArcGIS Server site
Three stand-alone ArcGIS Server options

Once you create deployments with the Cloud Builder app, you can view a summary of each one. Use the links on the Deployments page to access logs, the portal website, and ArcGIS Server Manager for each role.

List of deployments in ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder
Use the links (in green) to access logs and each component in your deployments

Start using Cloud Builder

To get started, download ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for AWS from My Esri. Next, choose the type of deployment you want to create:

The Cloud Builder app is built on the ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder Command Line Interface. Therefore, the same executable runs both. You can run the ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for AWS executable from a command prompt or script, or double-click the executable to launch the interactive interface.

Let us know what you need

The ArcGIS Enterprise team plans to add functionality to the Cloud Builder app in future releases. To help us add the functionality that you need most, please post your suggestions on the ArcGIS Ideas page on GeoNet with a Cloud Builder tag.

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