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Podcast 8- Mohan Punnam, Esri; An exploration from macro to micro GIS

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One of my favorite things about my friends from India is how thoughtful and humble they are. My guest today was no different. Mohana Krishna Punnam, also known as Mohan, is a Product Engineer on Esri’s Utility Network Team. Originally from India, Mohan exhibits the inherent values and commitment to excellence I have seen from my other Indian friends and acquaintances. His focus and dedication to helping others was the motivator for him making the transition from working in the utility sector to Esri; Mohan enjoyed both the water and pipeline utility space, however, he wanted to be able to help and provide outreach to a wider audience.

At Esri, he has a global audience of users from around the world who are working through their UN implementations. During our conversation, Mohan puts so much emphasis on his concern for customers and their successes. He truly wants our users to have a great experience with our technology and he enjoys engaging with them at conferences, participating in discussions, and reading comments online to find out what challenges they are experiencing with the hope that he will be able to utilize his experience to identify a solution. Mohan takes seriously his role of representing the customer to the UN team as he provides valuable perspective and insight into how the customers likely will use the product.

I enjoyed my discussion with Mohan, and I learned a great deal about the pipeline utility space from him. We are running his episode in alignment with the 2024 Esri Energy Resources GIS Conference to help further highlight that user community and the important work they do.

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Melissa is an engineer on the product team focused in applied geography. She can be found hiking and exploring national parks during her travels.

Remi is the Product Manager for the ArcGIS Utility Network and spends his free time exploring the US Southwest desert and California beaches.

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