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What's new in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1: Custom disk space threshold for collaborated content

Distributed collaboration network
Distributed collaborations allow you to securely share your content.

When you’re participating in a distributed collaboration, it’s important to prevent collaborated content from filling the content store disk space to capacity. The ArcGIS Enterprise portal maintains a threshold of 10 GB for available content store disk space, above which collaborated content will not be received.

At ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, a portal administrator can now customize this threshold within the REST API. This feature allows the default value, 10 GB of available disk space, to be updated with a custom absolute value based on your site’s storage requirements. The property requires a minimum threshold of 1 GB and has no upper limit.
The value is set as a system property in the ArcGIS Portal Administrator Directory, and will restart the portal once the operation is applied.

How to customize the threshold

  1. Open the ArcGIS Portal Administrator Directory and log in as a member with administrative privileges. The URL is formatted or
  2. Navigate to system > properties > Update Properties.
  3. On the Update Properties page, enter a number (which will be in GB), modified to include your site-specific storage threshold:
  4. Confirm Update Properties. The portal will be restarted to allow the update to take effect.
Customizing the disk space threshold for collaborated content

If the specified threshold is reached while receiving collaborated content, the system will generate log messages and notify the Enterprise administrator, stating items cannot be synchronized because the content store disk space usage threshold has been reached. You will either need to clear up space on your disk, or decrease the required threshold. Any content that was prevented from being collaborated will be shared at the next synchronization.

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