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What's new in quarter two for ArcGIS Hub, 2024

Here are updates to ArcGIS Hub for April, May, and June that are available with both Basic and Premium licenses. This sunny summary includes how to see your search results on a map and the first rollout of workspaces, the new manage and edit space for Hub that you can try out today.

Search results on a map

You and your site visitors now have a more intuitive way to search for and discover content. Users could already display search results as a grid or a list, and filter results by geography (among other ways).

Filter search results by geography, ArcGIS Hub updates
Geographic search filter

Now, you can also see your search results on a map. Location and geography matter to everyone. Your Hub site users may want to know:

Users can select the new Display map option in the site catalog to open a map of search result extents.

Display map option in catalog, ArcGIS Hub updates
Display map option in catalog

Results are dynamic, changing as the map moves, and when users hover on or select items on the map. Results are connected to the map so users can select a search result and the map will zoom to and highlight that content.

With the new map layout, location can drive search and discovery, bringing your geography-rich content to the forefront. Just make sure that your site content items have geographic extents. Items that have extents set will show on the map. Read more on how to browse and search Hub content geographically.

Workspaces are the new thing

Basic and Premium customers can now try out workspaces in Hub. Workspaces are the new way to manage items, replacing the global navigation in edit mode (not the live view).

Each Hub user can “opt in” to use workspaces for items and groups at any time. To opt in to workspaces, sign in to Hub and from your user profile, select Settings. Under Preferences, you can enable workspaces.

Enable workspaces in user profile settings, ArcGIS Hub updates
User profile settings to enable workspaces
Enable workspaces setting, ArcGIS Hub updates
Workspaces setting in preferences

Workspaces provide a more consistent experience for displaying and managing items across a Hub site. They are straightforward to find and use and have a standardized navigation route.

Customers may want to opt in right away to see improvements to site and content workflows. When you opt in to workspaces, you can edit your site by selecting the Manage site button.

Workspaces Manage site button from live view, ArcGIS Hub updates
Workspaces "Manage site" button from live view
Workspaces Manage site button from edit view, ArcGIS Hub updates
Workspaces "Manage site" button from edit view

In the site workspace, you can edit site information (Details pane), view and add Catalog content (Content pane), add groups with edit or view capabilities (Collaborators pane), and more.

Site workspace content pane, ArcGIS Hub updates
Site workspace Content pane

Select View site to see your changes; then select Manage site to return to the workspace. Select Edit layout to edit your theme, header, layout, etc. as you are used to doing.

Read more about this new “beta” management user experience in ArcGIS Hub. We will be rolling out more workspaces features in the coming months. Use this opt in period to test workspaces and provide feedback to the Hub team. Post questions or comments on the ArcGIS Hub Community page.

The ArcGIS Hub Tech Sessions from this year’s Developer Summit are now available. For those attending the User Conference, check out all the Hub-focused tech sessions and activities listed in this ArcGIS Hub custom agenda or visit the Hub team in the Expo Hall.

Learn more and stay connected with these Hub resources:

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Rhonda is a Senior Product Engineering Writer on the ArcGIS Hub Team, focused on user education and connecting people, places, and data. She has 20+ years of GIS experience, mainly in a University setting. When she’s not writing or tinkering in Hub, she’s reading, cooking, growing food and flowers, or spending time with family.

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