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What's New in ArcGIS Knowledge 11.3 (Q2 2024)

📢 What’s New in ArcGIS Knowledge

🌐 We’re thrilled to announce the latest updates to ArcGIS Knowledge, offering you enhanced capabilities and improved user experiences in the web and desktop. Here’s a look at the new features enabled by the latest version of ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3.

Introducing Knowledge Studio

Knowledge Studio is a new web application included with ArcGIS Enterprise that provides all users in an organization an intuitive interface to their enterprise knowledge graphs. Analysts can now create, customize, and share web link charts and maps from ArcGIS desktop applications for use in Knowledge Studio, utilizing custom symbology and custom pop-ups in web projects. New analysts can then leverages these web projects and do link analysis without the need for ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS AllSource.

All analysts and stakeholders can easily explore their connected data in Knowledge Studio using the following features:

This first release of ArcGIS Knowledge Studio follows the beta release in ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2. The Knowledge Studio application is included as part of an organization’s ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3 installation, without the need for a separate download, and is available to all customers who have licensed the ArcGIS Knowledge Server. All ArcGIS named user types can access the app and open existing knowledge graphs.

Share Link Charts and Maps

It’s now simple to share web link charts and web maps across ArcGIS desktop and web applications. Analysts can export multiple web link chart or map views from ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS AllSource and import them into Knowledge Studio on the web. Web-created link charts and maps can also be exported and used in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS AllSource. This feature ensures the consistent use of custom symbology and popups and empowers web-only analysts to create sophisticated views.


Share Web Link Charts and Web Maps

More ArcGIS Knowledge key features

1️⃣  Custom Pop-ups with Knowledge Graph Queries (Arcade Support): This feature enables you to integrate insights from your enterprise knowledge graph into your web maps and link charts. Configure pop-ups in maps and link charts to query for related information using ArcGIS Arcade expressions and display it. Arcade is a lightweight expression language used across ArcGIS applications. You can also integrate with independent feature services, using the embedded graph query to find related information in any knowledge graph using a property or the spatial extent of the selected feature. This Arcade enhancement allows analysts to create graph-enabled custom pop-ups in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise web maps.


Use Arcade Expressions to integrate insights from knowledge graphs with ArcGIS Feature Services through pop-ups.
Use Arcade Expressions to Integrate insights from Knowledge Graphs with Feature Services

2️⃣ Fine-Tune Sequential Event Analysis: The Filtered Find Path tool enables the discovery of all paths between entities with time properties, respecting the sequence through time and providing a comprehensive understanding of your data. Fine-tune your analysis by setting constraints on overlap or gaps in time between events, tailoring your analysis to specific needs and making more informed decisions.


Filtered Find Path with Time Events
Find only paths in a sequence or overlapping using time constraints.

3️⃣ Easier Data Loading in the Desktop: A new feature simplifies data loading into knowledge graphs for users of the latest versions of ArcGIS Pro 3.3 and ArcGIS AllSource 1.2. Utilize Arcade expressions in the Load Table tool to bypass certain data staging and preprocessing steps. With expressions, data analysts can filter and process data at load time, such as parsing columns with multiple values into multiple entities, relationships, or properties and transforming field types during the load. This makes data loading more efficient and flexible with access to hundreds of functions inside Arcade.

These updates enhance the capabilities and workflows of ArcGIS Knowledge, empowering analysts and stakeholders to explore, visualize, and analyze their enterprise knowledge graphs with ease. Stay tuned for more exciting features and enhancements in the future! For more information and to get started, visit our product page or contact our support team.

About the authors

Adam Martin is a Senior Product Manager focused on ArcGIS Knowledge and system interoperability. With more than fifteen years of entrepreneurial, government and private sector experience, he applies business and technology strategies as levers to improve government digital services and public decision making. Based in Washington, DC, he focuses on how ArcGIS connects “all the data” into knowledge graphs to find hidden patterns and relationships, provide quick context and accelerate decision making. He is also a proud dad, metadata hobbyist and consummate starter of things.


Tiffany Glenn has held many strategic roles at Esri over the years and currently is a Senior Product Marketing Lead for the Operational Intelligence suite of products. She drives go-to-market strategy, customer engagement, and the planning and execution of marketing activities to support National Government, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and corporate security customers.

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