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Expand What You Know: Security and Administration

ArcGIS Online administrators have a lot to consider. What’s an effective security model? How should you set up your organization? What scripting tools are available? In this final Expand What You Know series, we highlight recorded technical sessions that help you be a great administrator. Dive into security and compliance, steps for success, and automation.

Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Learn about ArcGIS security, privacy, and compliance from lead software architect Andrea Rosso and chief information security officer Michael Young. This session covers fundamentals about the ArcGIS platform information and security model, deployment architecture, and Esri’s ongoing efforts with compliance regulations, standards, and best practices.

Best Practices for a Successful Organization

Interested in best patterns and practices for setting up and managing your organization? Esri’s Bernie Szukalski and Jeff Archer give you 12 steps for success.

Administration with ArcGIS API for Python

ArcGIS API for Python lets you automate common administrative tasks. Esri’s Andrew Chapkowski and Bill Major show you how to use Python to set up your portal, check credit consumption, manage servers, and more.

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This is the final article in a three-part series highlighting Esri UC 2017 tech session videos. The first article covers smart mapping, Living Atlas content, and custom basemaps. The second article focuses on app builders.

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Molly Zurn has been a product engineer with Esri since 2000. She's currently the writing lead for ArcGIS documentation. She's passionate about helping users make great maps. She also loves ski mountaineering, trail running, and English Pointers.

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