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Expand What You Know: Smart Mapping, Living Atlas, and Basemaps

Looking to broaden your understanding of smart mapping? Wondering how the Living Atlas data ecosystem works? Curious about styling custom basemaps? These videos guide you through fundamentals, best practices, and tips and tricks for getting the most out of web mapping.

Data Exploration with Smart Mapping

Smart mapping lets you explore your data like never before. It’s a new way to map with intelligent defaults and numerous options for exploring and styling your data. Follow along as cartographic product engineers Lisa Berry and Jennifer Bell show you how to create stunning maps that let the data speak for itself.

Living Atlas: Introducing a GIS of the World

With its active network of contributors and curators, Living Atlas of the World is a great resource of data for your maps. Watch the Living Atlas team demonstrate what’s available, how to access it, and how to become a data contributor.

Styling Basemaps

Ready to begin your basemap styling journey? There are no better guides than Esri cartographers Andy Skinner and Wesley Jones. They’ll help you figure out what basemap to use, how to create your own vector basemap, and touch on several facets of styling.

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This is the first of a three-part series highlighting Esri UC 2017 tech session videos. The second article covers app builders. The third article covers security and administration.

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Molly Zurn (she/her) leads Product Engineering writing at Esri. She helps ArcGIS users apply modern GIS best practices and approaches. Outside of work Molly loves to ski, run, and hang out with her family and dogs.

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