Discover What's New In ArcGIS Dashboards (February 2024)

The February 2024 ArcGIS Dashboards update introduces several exciting enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

In this blog, we will explore the new features and improvements you will find when you next log in to create or edit a dashboard inĀ ArcGIS Online.

Let’s dive right in!


Splash Screen

A splash screen serves as the welcome mat of a dashboard, offering an introduction to the dashboard’s purpose and the organization behind it.

Splash Screens are handy because they can give your users important info right when they open the dashboard, like background details, and how to get started, taking the guesswork out of using your dashboard.

Splash Screens are a great way to ensure users can access and read your Terms Of Use or Disclaimers.

You can also use a splash screen to give the dashboard time to load, without overwhelming your users with information all at once.

You can even configure a Splash Screen for your mobile dashboard views!

Information On Demand


Information Windows

While users are viewing a dashboard, it is often helpful to provide additional background information and resources.

Now, you can put this content in Information Windows.

The dashboard header menu not only allows you to link out to an external site, but you can also provide menu items that open information windows directly in the dashboard.

Similar to a splash screen, you can configure a title, logo, and body of content.

Provide Additional Information


Dynamic Text

As you configure the elements of your dashboard, you can insert dynamic text in various locations such as the element title and description.

This feature has been enhanced to include information from the dashboard item itself, such as the date it was created, the owner, the title, the locale, and time zone information from the running application.

To utilize this functionality, look for the “Insert {}” option in the element title, description, and other areas where rich text and plain text editing are supported.

Insert Dynamic Text


Time Zone Support

With this release, you can now enhance your dashboards using time zones.

By setting the time zone, you control how date and time values are processed and displayed in your dashboards.

This enables you to better support users who are spread across multiple time zones.

Configure Time Zone


Dashboard Accessibility Improvements

In this release, Esri continues improving the A11Y capabilities in its software.

The List Element now supports keyboard navigation and screen readers to interact with the features and make selections.

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