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Looking to Virtualize ArcGIS Pro?  New to VDI?  Need a solution?

Esri has partnered with Dell and NVIDIA to release the ArcGIS Pro Virtualization Appliance.  This off the shelf solution is a quick way to put implement the resources needed for a successful ArcGIS Pro VDI deployment.  A rich, functional 3D graphics, heavy compute experience delivered from a virtualized environment is what this appliance is designed to do.  With the basic configuration we can successfully deliver ArcGIS Pro VDIs.  The appliance is configured and designed to deliver to 25 users, based on the minimum system requirements, and workloads increase additional GPU profiles from NVIDIA can be needed which may impact this number.

See the application sizing guide for more information on GPU Profiles:


The ArcGIS Pro Virtualization Appliance makes transitioning from a strictly desktop driven user experience to a Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure easy and efficient.  Choose your virtualization delivery method of choice (Citrix, Microsoft or VMWare), and the appliance delivers the hardware and capability needed in and all in one convenient system, ready to spin up a proof of concept and begin delivering a graphics rich experience with the best and most advance geospatial software available.

The ArcGIS Pro Virtualization Appliance is a Dell PowerEdge R740 Rack Server, with an ample supply of CPU (2 Twenty-Four core Intel Xeon Processors), RAM (256 GB) and three NVIDIA T4 Graphics cards, designed to the meet the needs and desires of a virtualized workforce of GIS users.  Pair the appliance with software from Citrix or VMWare and you have a virtualization solution ready to support then needs of ArcGIS Pro and most importantly, the needs of GIS users.  This solution comes with fantastic standard options making delivery a snap; however, it is also able to be customized and expanded.  If you need more capacity from this platform options allowing increased ability are available.

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