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ArcGIS Solutions Available for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9

On May 25, 2021, the ArcGIS Solutions app was released for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.  Like it’s counterpart in ArcGIS Online, the ArcGIS Solutions App for ArcGIS Enterprise allows you to quickly deploy ArcGIS Solutions to your ArcGIS portal.

ArcGIS Solutions are a collection of focused maps and apps that help you improve operations, provide new insight, and enhance services.

Visit MyEsri to access the ArcGIS Solutions for ArcGIS Enterprise app download.  It is available for Windows and Linux.  After you download the app, use the simple installer to add the ArcGIS Solutions app to all your machines running the portal component of ArcGIS Enterprise.

The Enterprise Apps download in My Esri
The Enterprise Apps download in My Esri

After the install is complete, launch the app from your App Switcher in the Portal Home app to deploy your first solution. Browse the gallery of ArcGIS Solutions and use the filters on the left to narrow down the list of solutions to those which best fits your need.

When you find a solution you are interested in, the information panel provides an overview of the solution and an option to deploy it. A link to additional documentation for the ArcGIS Enterprise version of the solution is also available if you would like to learn more about the solution.

ArcGIS Solutions App for ArcGIS Enterprise
Filter content in the ArcGIS Solutions App

When you click “Get Now”, all of ArcGIS items included in the solution are created in your content. The content is summarized in a new Solution item that helps you visualize related ArcGIS items (for example, hosted feature layers, hosted feature layer views, maps, apps, surveys, groups, etc.) and understand where each map, layer, and view is used.

An ArcGIS Solution item summarizes content provided in the solution
An ArcGIS Solution item summarizes content provided in the solution

The first release of the ArcGIS Solutions app includes a collection of solutions supported with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9. They are supported in the most complex of ArcGIS Enterprise environments, but all you need is a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise to get started.

If you are looking to reduce the time it takes to deploy geo-enabled solutions in your 10.9 ArcGIS Enterprise portal, install the ArcGIS Solutions app today, and deploy one of the many ArcGIS Solutions awaiting you.

About the authors

Andy is a product engineer on the ArcGIS Solutions team and has been with Esri since 2014. In his free time he enjoys hiking, camping, and hanging out with his dog, Cosmo.

Scott is the Manager of the ArcGIS Solutions team and also leads the development of ArcGIS Solutions for State and Local Governments. He has been with Esri since 2008.

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