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Utility Data Management Support tools - March 2022 Update

Yes, it is April and we are sharing the March update of the tools.  We had a few last minute items to button up, but the wait was worth it.  We made some amazing improvements to the tools and added some new tools that I think you will like.  For a complete list, see the change log below, but wanted to discuss a few highlights.  If your are unfamiliar with these tools, start out but reading the following previous articles:

Build Starting Points

This tool generates the data for the Batch Trace tool.  Previously, the input supported only the Starting Point layer or table schema, but what if you want to trace all your data and see that results?  So we added support for a line layer as the input and the tools will use the centroid of each feature as the starting location.  I added a scenario to the change log that discusses how this and other new options can be used.  We also got feedback that the output should not be a table, but a point feature class and we agree.  Working with points on a map is so much easier than just flat data in a table, so the output now includes geometry.

Update Data Sources

One of the more popular tools in this toolset.  This update includes the ability to change the maps spatial reference.  The tool looks at all the layers and finds the most common spatial reference and sets the map to that.

Asset Package Rename Report

Similar to the Asset Package Configuration Report we included in the previous release, this tool generates a report of the results of selecting a rename value when applying an asset package.  This report makes it easy to review the new nomenclature with stakeholders to ensure the resulting Utility Network meets their expectations.

Change Log

Asset Package Configuration Report

Asset Package Rename Report

Batch Trace

Build Starting Points

In an electric network, I want to use the build starting points to identify section devices.

Configure UN Layers

Create Association Lines

Create Utility Network System Table Views

Extract Logs from REST

Generate Reporting GDB

Update Data Sources

Thank you for your feedback and please log any issues you encounter in our repo with the tools.

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