Dev Summit 2020: Overview of spatial analysis and data science

From this year’s Developer Summit plenary – see a variety of compelling real-world demonstrations illustrating ArcGIS as a powerful and comprehensive platform for spatial analysis and data science workflows.

To provide you with additional details and resources for these demos and more, we’ve written a series of companion blogs. This series of blogs covers the full breadth of your data science workflows from extending and enriching your data to conducting analysis on a variety of data formats to turning your results into actions, to share and collaborate.

Each companion blog is summarized here and includes additional details and resources to learn more.

New integrated experiences in ArcGIS

  1. Developer Summit 2020: Integrate spatial data science workflows in ArcGIS Pro
  2. Developer Summit 2020: Conduct big data analysis using GeoAnalytics and Apache Spark
  3. Developer Summit 2020: Use raster analytics and the Python API to monitor coral bleaching
Integrated experiences in ArcGIS

Deep learning with 3D, video, and unstructured data

See how these new features help to solve complex problems more effectively and in some cases solve problems which couldn’t have been solved quite as easily using traditional tools and techniques.

This series of demos covers deep learning advancements in ArcGIS. From preparing data, to training models and validating them with ground truth data, deploying them to production, and of course scaling them to meet your needs.

  1. Developer Summit 2020: Use AI to extract data from lidar point clouds
  2. Developer Summit 2020: Use deep learning tools with full motion video
  3. Developer Summit 2020: Extract and map data from unstructured text
Geospatial AI lifecycle

…but wait, there’s more!

Here are a few additional sessions from the automation section of the plenary:

  1. Dev Summit 2020: Automation comes to ArcGIS Notebooks
  2. Dev Summit 2020: Automated notebook workflows for air quality

We hope you enjoy!

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Sara is a lead product engineer on the ArcGIS Enterprise team. She enjoys spending time at the lake, non-fiction, and cooking.

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