Using Autodesk Bridge with ArcGIS GeoBIM for Efficient Collaboration

Many ArcGIS GeoBIM users are working with large datasets of Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects stored in the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). As many of these projects may need to comply with ISO 19650 or other national standards, multiple copies of BIM models will often be stored in different folders in ACC, such as Work in Progress (WIP), Review, Shared, and Published.

When a GIS manager tries running ArcGIS GeoBIM tools on projects of this scale, it may take several hours for all project files to be fully processed. ArcGIS GeoBIM reviews every folder and file in an ACC project to fully process all related documents. The Bridge tool in ACC can help you dramatically reduce the time required to process projects in ArcGIS GeoBIM.

While the option to select folders to be processed in ArcGIS GeoBIM is under development, Bridge allows files to be copied and synchronized between multiple projects in ACC today. These projects can also be across different Autodesk accounts. The process can be automated for updates to be synchronized in real-time, including across different Autodesk accounts.

While this blog post will cover high-level details of Bridge, consider using the tool as a time-saving option for more efficient collaboration with selected folders in your ACC project. Visit the Autodesk help article series on Bridge for more details. By using Bridge, you can run ArcGIS GeoBIM tools on a subset of your project folders rather than syncing the entire ACC project’s root folder.

A side-by-side comparison of a large ACC project (left in red) and lighter ACC project (right in green) viewed in ArcGIS GeoBIM Projects.
Figure: A side-by-side comparison of a large ACC project (left in red) and lighter ACC project (right in green) viewed in ArcGIS GeoBIM Projects.

Bridge and ArcGIS GeoBIM working together

Let’s say you’re a BIM manager working with large datasets in ACC for a civil infrastructure project. You want to give access to GIS professionals to perform environmental analysis on a subset of the ACC project, where ArcGIS GeoBIM, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Pro are used to perform their daily work.

Bridge helps your team save time running tools in ArcGIS GeoBIM to get results. This subset of a large project also helps GIS specialists save time during the content creation in ArcGIS Pro and in ArcGIS Online. For instance, instead of browsing through a complex folder tree, they can quickly find the related content in ArcGIS Pro.

Watch the video below to see how to use Bridge for projects in ACC and ArcGIS GeoBIM.




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About the authors

Ozgur Ertac is a Principal Product Engineer for ArcGIS GeoBIM. He works to improve overall quality of ArcGIS GeoBIM while collaborating with other stakeholders to turn concepts into reality. Before joining to Esri, he was with Esri Germany for more than 10 years where he held several technical roles, including 3D/BIM Product Specialist in the Product Management team. His focus areas are 3D GIS, BIM and GIS integration, QA/QC and agile product development. Ozgur is a certified Product Owner (PSPO-I) and holds a BS in Urban Planning from the Izmir institute of Technology, PhD & MSc in Geoinformatics from the Technical University of Munich.


Geoff is Senior Product Marketing Manager for ArcGIS GeoBIM and GIS/BIM interoperability at Esri. With 10+ years working in the technology and sustainability sectors, he has supported the go-to-market and growth efforts of several enterprise cloud solutions. First encountering GIS during his Environmental Management studies, Geoff has always had a passion for design, innovation, and sustainable practices.


Kachy Nwobi is a Product Engineer on the ArcGIS GeoBIM team. She joined Esri in 2020 and her primary roles are product documentation and testing. She has a Master's degree in Geospatial Technology for Geodesign from Thomas Jefferson University and a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering from Drexel University. She currently lives in Washington DC.

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