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Next Generation ArcGIS Monitor 2023 Now Available!

Administering and maintaining an enterprise GIS can sometimes be challenging, especially if an organization does not have IT expertise, or as the enterprise GIS capabilities scale and grow over time. It is important to ensure the enterprise GIS has quality system performance and health, in order to minimize and prevent system downtime.

GIS managers and administrators can use ArcGIS Monitor for holistic monitoring of ArcGIS Enterprise and its underlying infrastructure. Monitor collects data and information on an enterprise GIS deployment and provides alerting, notifications, and reporting capabilities. It enables managers and administrators to proactively manage ArcGIS Enterprise and ensures it effectively supports business workflows (from an IT perspective).

ArcGIS Monitor helps operate and manage ArcGIS Enterprise implementations by providing actionable insights into system health, performance, and usage. Monitor allows you to:

The ArcGIS Monitor team is excited to announce the release of ArcGIS Monitor 2023, a next generation release with a completely new architecture and internal framework. Feature highlights include:

Register different enterprise GIS resources with ArcGIS Monitor as components.

View data metrics on your enterprise GIS assets, such as GIS servers.

Organizations, irrespective of the size of their deployment, who want to:

should take advantage of ArcGIS Monitor. Its comprehensive capabilities are uniquely tailored to work with ArcGIS and can fit into any organization’s existing monitoring ecosystem.

Organizations across multiple industries are already leveraging ArcGIS Monitor for their ArcGIS Enterprise performance management. Below are a few success stories:

To learn more and connect with us about ArcGIS Monitor 2023, please visit:

The ArcGIS Monitor team

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