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Introducing the Upcoming ArcGIS Dashboards Beta

For the past several months, the ArcGIS Dashboards (formerly Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS) team has been building a re-architected version of the product, built on top of the JavaScript API 4.x. These behind-the-scenes changes will enable dashboard authors to take advantage of multiple enhancements that have been introduced across the ArcGIS platform.

All ArcGIS Online users are invited to try a public beta of the next version of ArcGIS Dashboards, planned to be available in April. This beta will give users an opportunity to test drive some of the exciting new enhancements, including:

Once available, users can access the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta through the ArcGIS Online app launcher – just look for the familiar ArcGIS Dashboards icon labeled “BETA”. The beta release is only available to ArcGIS Online organizations. Once the beta moves to general availability, the new ArcGIS Dashboards will be available in the subsequent version of ArcGIS Enterprise.

Help and FAQ documentation for the beta will be available through an ArcGIS Dashboards Beta GeoNet community. Discussion and feedback will be encouraged.

Stay tuned for additional announcements on the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta. We look forward to your participation!

-The ArcGIS Dashboards Team

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Drew Dowling
Drew Dowling

Will there be an upgrade path for existing dashboards or will existing ones have to be recreated from scratch?

Marc Graham
Marc Graham

Will the new Dashboards support scenes?

Natalee Desotell
Natalee Desotell

Does this update allow us to lock the extent of the map (preventing panning and zooming) in the dashboard?

Christian Murua
Christian Murua

Will Dashboards be available for ArcGIS Personal Use license?

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