ArcGIS Image Server for ArcGIS Enterprise provides a fast, scalable way to host, analyze, and stream massive collections of imagery and raster data.

What can I do with ArcGIS Image Server?

Work with massive collections

Collect, manage, and serve imagery from a wide range of sensors on platforms ranging from satellites, aircraft, and drones. Combine overlapping, time-variant imagery from multiple devices, sensors, resolutions, bands, and raster formats into a single image service. 

Speed up analysis on large datasets

Raster analytics quickly extract information from massive image and raster collections. Large processing and analysis jobs are split to enable efficient use of parallel computing and distributed storage. Get fast results for computationally intensive tasks such as deep learning, hydrologic analyses, or temporal analysis of multidimensional data. 


Meet infrastructure and security requirements

No matter the size and scale of your organization, ArcGIS is there to meet your imagery needs securely and reliably. Customize your deployment to fit existing infrastructure, comply with regulations, and support mission-critical workflows. Deploy on premises or using cloud investments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.


Turn sensor imagery into information

Quickly process hundreds or thousands of images collected by satellite, aerial, or drone sensors to create orthoimage mosaics, digital surface models (DSM), and digital terrain models (DTM). Create accurate maps for interpretation and analysis such as vegetation health and volumetric change.

How it works

Manage imagery

Manage and host massive collections of imagery and raster data using your infrastructure—on premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid deployment.

Stream imagery

Make accessible massive imagery collections, including orthomosaics, multidimensional, categorical , elevation data, and imagery from sensors.

Analyze imagery

Use an extensive suite of raster functions, tools, templates, and APIs to power your raster analytics.


ArcGIS Image Server extends ArcGIS Enterprise with image management and raster analytic capabilities. It provides a distributed computing and storage system that powers the analytical processing and serving of imagery, elevation, rasters, and other remotely sensed data.

Need ArcGIS Enterprise?

To use ArcGIS Image Server, you must have a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise. 

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