Alexa Vlahakis

Alexa Vlahakis works as an Associate Industry Marketing Manager for Esri, supporting conservation and education. She holds a bachelor's of arts degree in communication studies with minors in human relations and mass communication/journalism from the University of Iowa. In her free time, she likes to explore the outdoors, indulge in new experiences, and wind down each day with her fur babies.

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GIS Research Associate Uses GIS to Safeguard Her Community

Gabrielle Abraham, a GIS research associate at Mona GeoInformatics Institute in Jamaica, describes her start in GIS, discusses current projects,

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Leader and Mentor in GIS Offers Real-World Advice to Young Pros

Michael Cousins, GIS Practice Leader with OHM Advisors, shares career experiences and provides advice to young professionals in GIS.

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Advice from a Geospatial Analyst and Humanitarian Advocate

YoLani Martin shares her journey in using GIS for humanitarian initiatives and career as a geospatial analyst.

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Uganda Wildlife Biologist & Future Change Maker Uses GIS in Conservation Efforts

Drileyo Gilbert provides advice to young professionals about his GIS journey into wildlife conservation.

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Meet the Dangermond Fellows Using GIS for Conservation

Esri and the National Audubon Society have partnered to form the Dangermond Fellowship, supporting young professionals in conservation.

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Esri Student Poster Competition Prepares Budding Geospatial Professionals at Los Angeles Geospatial Summit

Each year USC hosts the Los Angeles Geospatial Summit. Three student teams won at the Esri Student Poster Competition at this year's event.

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What Happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic

Woodwell Climate Research Center scientists and cartographers discuss how they use ArcGIS Hub to share their research about the Arctic.

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Leveraging Conservation Technologies to Protect the Places We Love

New from Breece Robertson and Esri Press, Protecting the Places We Love: Conservation Strategies for Entrusted Lands and Parks.

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USC Student Wins Discovery Scholar Award Using R-ArcGIS Bridge to Study Land Fallowing in Europe

USC undergraduate student uses R-ArcGIS Bridge with ArcGIS Pro to identify fallow fields using remotely sensed data and soil quality data.

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