Sophia Garcia

Sophia Garcia is Esri’s Lead Equity and Civic Nonprofits lead. Her work at the Dolores Huerta Foundation (DHF), a social justice nonprofit in California’s Central Valley, laid the groundwork for institutionalizing Esri’s Equity and mapping work. At DHF, Sophia worked with community organizations across California to pass legislation for more fair and equitable redistricting codified in AB 849 the Fair Maps Act. Sophia subsequently worked as a consultant with over one-hundred municipalities, including five of California’s 10 largest cities, to implement the Fair Maps Act. Sophia’s GIS career has been focused on participatory community GIS and implementing GIS with an equity lens. She is excited to continue working with users to understand and apply GIS and geospatial thinking to equity issues.

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Building a strategic equity plan requires data and tools that help you operationalize your plans, GIS offers both.

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Considering location and environmental factors is crucial when enhancing health equity.

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Enhancing Equity Across Transportation Systems with GIS

Transportation access is not always equal as investment in local infrastructure varies. Learn how GIS technology can highlight these disparities.

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Enhancing Equity Across Public Works

Public works is responsible for key infrastructure that keeps a community running. Learn how they incorporate equity into their work with GIS.

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Enhancing Equity within Land Records

Equity in land records is crucial for accurate land assessments. Learn how GIS technology helps advance equity in this industry.

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Creating the World You Want to See

The Esri User Conference enhanced the presence of equity and social justice initiatives at this years event.

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GIS Technology Advances White House Executive Order

Learn how GIS technology empowers you to execute Biden's executive Order.

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Leaders Discuss Equity at Esri’s Public Sector CIO Summit

Equity is at top of minds for all organizations but especially CIOs, who have the actual power to implement change.

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