Aubri Kinghorn

I love good cartography, good burritos, and helping people figure out effective ways to share their data with others. Luckily, my work as a Product Engineer on the ArcGIS Pro Layout team lets me do that everyday.

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Map frames and the magic of map frame constraints

Learn how to quickly change a map within your existing ArcGIS Pro layout, and use map frame constraints to make the process faster and easier!

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Changing Up a Scale Bar

An overview of how to update scale bars in ArcGIS Pro.

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Choosing the Right Grid

Learn about the different grid options in ArcGIS Pro and how you can pick the right one for your project.

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Tips and Tricks for Working with Legends in ArcGIS Pro

Learn tips and tricks for working with legends in ArcGIS Pro.

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Customize your layout gallery (ArcGIS Pro 2.5)

Learn how to customize the layout gallery so you can quickly add layout templates to your projects.

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Build your own declination diagram (ArcGIS Pro 2.3)

Unleash the power of north arrows and learn how to build your own declination diagram in ArcGIS Pro.

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