Mike Jensen

Mike loves to enhance the customer experience when working with Esri software, and has many opportunities to continue this passion as a product engineer on the Geodatabase Team. Outside of his GIS profession, he loves to tinker with tech gadgets, beat on the drums, bake pies and brownies, tell and snicker at dad jokes, and enjoy quiet time in the country with family and friends.

Posts by this author
Migrating Data: Tools to migrate a personal geodatabase to a file or mobile geodatabase

Part 3 - Learn how to access and use a set of sample tools to migrate a personal geodatabase to a file geodatabase or a mobile geodatabase.

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A pair of sample tools to add or remove attachments by selection

Learn more about quickly adding or removing attachments with selected features in an active map.

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Locked by another application using ArcPy and a File geodatabase

Data management tips and tricks for managing locks in a temporary file geodatabase with automated workflows.

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A suite of sample geoprocessing tools for managing hyperlinks

Learn more about a suite of sample data management tools to enable, add, remove or disable media hyperlinks to feature classes in geodatabases.

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Create your own geoprocessing tool to download attachments

Learn how to create a geoprocessing tool to download and rename attachments from feature classes in a file, mobile, or enterprise geodatabase.

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