Manushi Majumdar

Product Engineer - Applied Data Science with ArcGIS API for Python (previously ArcGIS Hub). Or in other words, a (Data, Maps, Analyses, Python, Books) Nerd.

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Dev Summit 2024: Manage your organization using ArcGIS API for Python

Manushi Majumdar shows five ways administrators can use ArcGIS API for Python to monitor and manage their ArcGIS Online organization.

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Dev Summit 2021: AI infused solutions and apps in ArcGIS

Nick O’Day shows us how deep learning capabilities of ArcGIS with ArcGIS AppStudio helped them build an AI driven mobile app to map local trees

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Dev Summit 2021: Interactive Object Detection in ArcGIS Pro

Yigal Muntner walks us through the process of using deep learning tools in ArcGIS Pro to detect objects in 3D scene for visibility analysis

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Dev Summit 2021: Pre-Trained Models in ArcGIS

Saranya M from Esri India reveals how they used AI and pre-trained models to extract railway assets and their dimensions from point cloud data.

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Dev Summit 2021: Kuwait’s PACI using arcgis.learn

Maher Abdel Karim from PACI shows how they used an AI model to keep their GIS data (roads, buildings, parking lots) updated using arcgis.learn.

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Extracting Data from Twitter using Python

Fetch data from Twitter for various different scenarios and learn how to publish it to ArcGIS, to use in compelling apps.

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Data Catalog Analysis

Learn how to summarize the data assets and contents of your Hub using charts in Python in our new blog post!

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Visual representation of Temporal, Spatial, Statistical patterns in civic data

Learn how you can quickly visualize temporal, spatial and statistical patterns in your local civic data

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Classifying civic data into binary categories

Learn how a binary classification machine learning technique can attempt to answer some questions with your local data

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