Taisha Fabricius

Taisha holds degrees in Geomatic Engineering and Arts from the University of Melbourne, as well as an MBA from RWTH Aachen/University of St. Gallen focusing on technology and innovation. Taisha works as a Product Manager and 3D Technology Evangelist in the ESRI R&D Center in Zürich and is interested in all things related to technology, sustainability, art and the entertainment industry.

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Puma – ArcGIS CityEngine Plugin for Rhino / Grasshopper

Puma is a plugin for Rhino and Grasshopper. It provides a Rhino command and Grasshopper components which enable the execution of CityEngine rules

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Collaborative Urban Planning with Omniverse and ArcGIS CityEngine

See how the combination of CityEngine, USD and Omniverse powers architectural, engineering, and design collaboration.

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ArcGIS CityEngine 2021.1 Release Highlights

Check out the new release of CityEngine 2021.1

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ArcGIS 360 VR now available on ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS 360 VR is now available as web application on ArcGIS Online across all major XR, mobile and desktop platforms.

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CityEngine 2021.0 Release Highlights

Learn about CityEngine 2021.0 highlights, like ArcGIS 360 VR, terrain brushes and much more.

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CityEngine on Discovery Channel: If We Built Washington DC Today

The CityEngine team worked on creating a new Federal City for the Science Channel TV Show "If We Built It Today".

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CityEngine 2020.1 release highlights

Learn about CityEngine 2020.1 highlights, such as the USD importer, better footprint drawing, the CSV import tutorial, and much more.

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Procedural workflows with CityEngine at Rambøll

Danish engineering, architecture and consultancy company uses CityEngine in their workflows.

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CityEngine 2020.0 release highlights

We are really proud to announce that the newest version of CityEngine has been officially released.

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