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Now Available: ArcGIS Knowledge

With the 2021 Q4 release of ArcGIS Enterprise comes a new optional capability for graph analytics: ArcGIS Knowledge. This extension seamlessly provides powerful new graph analysis capabilities to your ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 environment through ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS Knowledge visualizes data as well as the relationships that connect different data points to each other.

So, what is a knowledge graph? A knowledge graph is comprised of people, places, or other types of entities, and the relationships that connect them in a graph network. This allows users to see their data in context and reveal patterns and relationships that may have previously been unknown. Analysis can be visualized as link charts, histograms, or displayed on a map for geospatial context.

Link chart demonstrating how entities in a dataset connect to each other via relationships.

ArcGIS Knowledge connects ArcGIS Pro to the enterprise ArcGIS Data Store graph store, enabling users to explore and analyze spatial, nonspatial, unstructured, and structured data to accelerate decision-making. This new enterprise graph store maintains  not only your data, but also the equally important connections (or “relationships”) between different data points (or “entities”).

A traceback investigation helps to visually organize entities by type, in this case to visualize a food supply chain.

When data and their connections are managed in this way, users can explore patterns and relationships across vast amounts of information more quickly and efficiently. ArcGIS Knowledge enables analysts to create, edit, interrogate, and analyze knowledge graphs to assist in investigations within industries ranging from AEC, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Government.

To learn more about ArcGIS Knowledge, visit our website.

About the authors

Avonlea Fotheringham is a Product Marketing Manager for ArcGIS CityEngine and Esri's Extended Reality capability, using her passion for language and design to evangelize GIS to the world. She is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where she uses her free time to organize an annual international poetry festival.


Colby Neeb is a Product Manager on the Operational Intelligence Team with 20+ years of software and GIS experience.


Adam Martin is a Senior Product Manager focused on ArcGIS Knowledge and system interoperability. With more than fifteen years of entrepreneurial, government and private sector experience, he applies business and technology strategies as levers to improve government digital services and public decision making. Based in Washington, DC, he focuses on how ArcGIS connects “all the data” into knowledge graphs to find hidden patterns and relationships, provide quick context and accelerate decision making. He is also a proud dad, metadata hobbyist and consummate starter of things.

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