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Managing credits in ArcGIS Online

Note: This article was originally published on January 27, 2023 by Princess Guzman and Liz Todd, and has been updated.

Credits are the currency of ArcGIS, and are consumed for specific transactions, such as performing analytics and storing features. You can consume credits when working in ArcGIS Online or when interacting with ArcGIS Online while using other ArcGIS products such as ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, and ArcGIS Business Analyst.

ArcGIS Online offers tools and workflows that help you manage credits and monitor credit usage in your ArcGIS Online organization. This article offers credit management tips and best practices for organization administrators and members.

Tips for administrators

1. Enable credit budgeting

Administrators can allocate credits to users by enabling credit budgeting, which has the following benefits:

Turn on credit budgeting by clicking Organization > Settings > Credits, and turning on the Enable credit budgeting tools toggle button. You also have the option of showing each member’s available credits on their settings page.

Credits setting with Enable credit budgeting tools toggle button turned on

2. Create custom member roles with privileges

When administrators know which tools members need, they can create and assign custom member roles with privileges to limit access to credit-consuming tools.

Create custom roles by clicking Organization > Settings > Member roles > Create role.

Member roles setting with Create role button indicated

When creating a custom role, administrators can control access to credit-consuming tools and content by enabling and disabling privileges in the Premium Content section—such as Geocoding, Network Analysis, and Demographics—under General privileges. Administrators can use the privileges listed in the Content section—such as Create, update, and delete, Publish hosted feature layers, and Publish hosted scene layers—also under General privileges.

Create role window with General privileges section expanded and Content and Premium Content sections highlighted

3. Monitor organizational usage

Administrators can monitor their members’ credit usage through reporting tools and information on the Organization page. The following are some ways to monitor credit usage in your organization:

Credits section of the Organization page Overview tab
Sample credit report with a few credit-consuming tools and capabilities and storage columns highlighted
Storage usage chart
Item report with Feature Storage Size column sort options displayed

Administrators will also receive an email notification when a member has consumed all their credits (when credit budgeting is enabled), when the organization has consumed 75% or more of its credits, and when the organization has consumed all its credits. Additional service credits are sold in blocks of 1,000 and can be purchased at any time through the Esri Store.

Tips for everyone

Organization members who are not administrators can also help with credit management by applying the following tips:

1. Monitor your usage

Visit your setings page to see the number of credits available to you. (If you don’t see this information, ask your administrator to enable it in the organization’s credit settings.)

Credits tab in My settings showing credits remaining and credits assigned

2. Know how many credits the transaction requires

The following are some tips to help members estimate how many credits their transactions will consume:

Estimate credits option in the analysis tool pane

You can also apply filter expressions and modify the display extent and other tool options to reduce the number of credits that will be consumed. For more information, see Tips for managing credits consumed by analysis tools.

3. Understand what consumes—and doesn’t consume—credits

Know what capabilities consume credits and at what rate. This informative table includes a list of credit-consuming capabilities, the rate of consumption, as well as examples of where the capability is used.

Learn more

To learn more about credit management in ArcGIS Online, refer to the following resources:

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