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How to make that map: Combining ArcGIS Living Atlas Layers with Blending Modes

This post is the last of the how-to blogs promised in Our Four Favorite Ways to Map American Agriculture. In that blog I shared a method of combining two layers from ArcGIS Living Atlas using the Destination Atop Blending Mode in ArcGIS Online to create this map of wheat farming:

Wheat is a major crop in the Columbia Basin of Washington State and adjacent areas in Oregon and Idaho. Click the image to explore a live webmap.

You can check out the map here and explore the layers and settings or I put together a short video that shows how you can create a simple but sophisticated map like this in minutes with nothing but Living Atlas layers.

If you are interested in learning more about mapping with agriculture layers from Living Atlas the other blog posts in this series are:

ArcGIS Living Atlas contains hundreds of ready-to-use layers that you can combine to make your own maps. I encourage you to explore them and get creative!

About the author

Rich was a member of Esri’s ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World environment team.

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