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ArcGIS AppStudio

ArcGIS AppStudio

Develop apps at the speed of creativity

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ArcGIS AppStudio is a no-code and low-code suite of tools to help you build branded, consumer-friendly, native mobile apps that integrate your maps and data quickly and easily. Build a single cross-platform app that deploys to any device or operating system and publish it to app stores or share it securely within your enterprise.

Engage your audience with native apps

In today's world, users access data through mobile devices. Empower your audience to leverage your maps and data in a native app.


Create an app without coding

You don’t need to be a developer to create native apps. Use templates or existing web apps to build mobile apps quickly. Get started in minutes with the easy-to-install ArcGIS AppStudio toolset.


One suite of tools for end-to-end app building

Easily build, test, deploy, update, and control access to your apps with ArcGIS AppStudio.


Create an app on your desktop

Find templates, layouts, and a rich library of samples to get you started in AppStudio on your desktop. You can configure templates by adding your data, branding, and images, or you can build your own app with custom code and samples. 

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Quickly test your app

Use the built-in tools in AppStudio on your desktop to preview your app. Easily test your app and collaborate with stakeholders using ArcGIS AppStudio Player.

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Build once, deploy on all platforms

Eliminate the time and effort spent creating separate code bases and maintaining separate build machines. The cloud make service included with ArcGIS AppStudio takes a single code base for your app and generates builds for all platforms—iOS, Android, or Windows.

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Deploy apps inside your organization

Deploy and manage apps within your organization using AppStudio Player and choose who has access to your apps and when apps are updated. If you're using mobile device management (MDM) technology within your organization, AppStudio supports that as well.

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Publish to app stores

With the AppStudio Developer Edition, you can make your app discoverable by publishing it to public app stores. Your audience can easily find, download, and receive updates for your apps on iOS and Android devices.

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Case Study

New Zealand public land access

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission’s GIS team released the Pocket Maps mobile app to maintain and improve public access to the outdoors.

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Maximize your ArcGIS technology investment

With ArcGIS AppStudio, organizations using ArcGIS can build cross-platform apps that leverage their technology investment. AppStudio integrates directly with existing data and maps to effortlessly transform them into mobile apps.

Built into ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise

Built into ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise

Regardless of your deployment mechanism—Esri's cloud infrastructure or your own—AppStudio integrates with your ArcGIS system.

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Leverages ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps

Leverages ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps

AppStudio leverages ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt, giving you access to powerful mapping capabilities such as 3D visualization, feature editing, and offline workflows.

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