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Empowering Concord Township with GIS Solutions

Concord Township is a small township located in Southeast Pennsylvania, with a population of approximately 18,000 and covering just over 13 square miles. The township faced challenges in managing its data and integrating geographic information system (GIS) technology into its operations due to budget constraints and a lack of in-house expertise.

To address these challenges, the township partnered with Pennoni, a multidisciplinary engineering firm with over 50 years of experience. Pennoni specializes in modernizing municipal infrastructure management through the development and implementation of GIS applications.


Concord Township recognized the growing importance of spatial data in its day-to-day responsibilities and tasks as a municipality and sought to transition from traditional reports to visualizing and accessing data through maps. The township required GIS capabilities in its day-to-day operations but faced budget constraints in terms of staff and software procurement. Additionally, pinpointing infrastructure assets in the field posed a considerable challenge.

Converting historical data, which was available in various formats such as CAD and PDF, into a GIS-compatible format was essential to digitize its workflows effectively.


Pennoni leveraged its expertise and cutting-edge GIS tools, including ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, ArcGIS Pro, and a Project Delivery Subscription, to provide a tailored solution for Concord Township. This solution encompasses a wide range of functionalities:

Open space planning application
Smart roadway inventory application


Concord Township has experienced numerous benefits from its partnership with Pennoni and the implementation of GIS solutions:

Snowplow routes

The township has been able to expand the GIS to engineering firms and other companies that provide them services, keeping the data centralized as one record of truth.

Future Considerations

Concord Township continues to collaborate with Pennoni to enhance its GIS capabilities. The township is exploring the development of spatial analysis capabilities to address complex spatial questions and support more informed decision-making. Annual review meetings with the Pennoni team help set goals and objectives for the upcoming year, ensuring that GIS solutions remain aligned with the township’s evolving needs. In conclusion, the partnership between Concord Township and Pennoni has empowered the township to harness the full potential of GIS, improving operations, services to residents, and long-term planning.

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