Andy Skinner

Andy is a Cartographic Designer who has been working with Esri in Redlands for 13 years, most recently on the creation of some of Esri's vector basemaps, and the development of color ramps for ArcGIS Online. Prior to Esri, he was Manager of Cartographic Design at Rand McNally, and before that a Senior Cartographer at GeoSystems/MapQuest. He is originally from England, and worked for a number of years at what is now the University of Derby before moving to the USA. Andy can be contacted at:

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A Layered ‘Physical Geography’ Basemap

Prototype Monochromatic 'Physical Geography' basemaps that use the same structure as the 'Human Geography' basemaps.

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Beyond Web Mercator: Building basemaps in different projections

Using ArcGIS Pro to build 'Human Geography' style vector basemaps in different projections, for use in ArcGIS Online

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Working with Enhanced Contrast basemaps to improve accessibility.

The new ‘Enhanced Contrast’ basemaps are a starting point for building an accessible map.

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Four Seasons Styles

Simple customizations of vector basemaps based on the seasons.

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Imagery Fade-in

Building a basemap that will transition into imagery at large scales.

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Map Bases: Mixing it up

Now, the traditional ‘basemap’ is only the starting point for creating a background for your map.

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Build-your-own Sandwich

If the basemap you want to use is not available as a 'sandwich' map (with a reference layer), you can create one yourself.

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Location, Location… Using sketch layers for an easy build

Locate your business (or anywhere else) in a multi-scale map with a minimum of effort.

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Color Ramps: Breaking away from presets

Creating your own color ramps when those available in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online are not working for you.

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