Greg Lehner

Greg is a Sr. Product Engineer who's been mapping his way around Esri and ArcGIS Pro for over a decade. With experience in cartography, symbology, and data visualization, he's bound to finish that World Atlas project eventually.

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Build, Analyze, and Filter Catalog Layers in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro 3.1 introduces a new layer type—catalog layers—and this blog covers how they could be used in your analytic workflows.

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A Tour of Dynamic Feature Clustering in ArcGIS Pro 2.9

Feature clustering is a newly available aggregation method for mapping point feature data in ArcGIS Pro.

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Working with Online feature service date-time attributes in non-UTC time zones in ArcGIS Pro

The blog describes how the owner can display date-time values from an ArcGIS Online feature service in their local time zone.

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Collect data in the field from your GNSS device with ArcGIS Pro

With ArcGIS Pro's 2.7 release, you can connect to your GNSS/GPS device to collect locations as features from the field.

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Introduction to Dynamic Feature Binning in ArcGIS Pro

If a point feature class is stored in an enterprise database, feature binning can dynamically aggregate the features at multiple scales.

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