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Tweeting for LearnArcGIS is ssssoooo much fun! I'm John Berry, a recovering newspaper reporter and current product engineer for Learn ArcGIS. My main task is authoring and editing lessons for Learn ArcGIS, but while nobody is looking, I also get to write blogs and tweets for the site. (And since becoming a dad in 2004, I've long mastered the fine art of dad humor, which -- properly timed -- can cause eyes to roll and laughs to start.

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Help prepare Houston for an incoming hurricane

The most popular lesson from Learn ArcGIS has been updated with a scenario which allows you to help Houston prepare for an incoming hur...

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Predict Seagrass Habitats with Machine Learning

A new lesson from Learn ArcGIS allows you to identify locations worldwide for encouraging seagrass growth -- all based on a data from you...

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Plan a Historic Battle with Military Tools

Nearly a century ago, the American involvement in the 1918 Meuse-Argonne Offensive still ranks as the bloodiest battle in US history. Ha...

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Assess Open Space to Lower Flood Insurance Cost

Planners in a South Carolina community are taking steps to help homeowners save an estimated $128 each on their flood insurance through a...

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Get Started with Insights for ArcGIS

New construction is everywhere in Montgomery County, Maryland, and officials in that suburban area near Washington, D.C., want to ensure ...

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Identify Hurricane Shelters in Houston

Hurricane Harvey overwhelmed authorities trying to find shelter for the 300,000 victims seeking dry ground during that storm's record rai...

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Create Custom Basemaps for a Minneapolis Suburb

Cambridge, Minnesota, is a bedroom community outside Minneapolis that comes up on any map -- but as a city official, you want to create...

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Predict Pollution in Chesapeake Bay

Scientists can't sample every cubic meter of water by themselves, so they have to make predictions about the water they don't touch. Tha...

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Promote Your Electronic Store in NYC

Management wants proof that enough consumer demand exists in Manhattan to justify a new electronics store -- and the map you make could d...

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