Kory Kramer

I’m a Customer Experience Lead focused on design and improvement of the product and support experience. When not working on ways to bring the customer voice and experience from the outside in, I like to find ways to move helpful information from the inside out; hence my periodic appearances here on the blog.

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Announcing the ArcGIS Pro Performance Assessment Tool (PAT)

The Performance Assessment Tool (PAT) is a set of benchmark performance tests that assess a computer's ability to run key ArcGIS Pro workflows.

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Get to the Point: Automatically maintain x,y,z attribute values with ArcGIS Pro and attribute rules

Learn how to automatically maintain x,y,z attribute values in ArcGIS Pro using attribute rules.

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Don’t Fret It, Just Edit!

How to both edit and preserve your data in ArcGIS Pro with confidence.

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Geoprocessing, Resolution, Tolerance, and Hair

Learn how resolution and tolerance affect geoprocessing performance and output, and what all of this has to do with hair!

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