Melissa Jarman

Product Engineer on the Geodatabase team - specializing in the Utility Network, SAP HANA enterprise geodatabases, versioning, and all things geodatabase. A true southerner // Chick-fil-A lover // Beach bum

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Building the electric network – A story map

A story map that takes you through building the electric network using the Utility Network Management extension.

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A technical walk-through for a simple utility network web trace tool with Javascript

It’s time to show the power of the services oriented architecture nature of the Utility Network Management extension. Currently ArcGIS ...

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DistribuTECH conference takeaways

On my flight, out to San Antonio for DistribuTECH, I was certain that I would be discussing 3-d, virtual reality, and augmented reality. ...

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Exploring the utility network – Domain and structure networks

Following up on our first post, Vision and overview of the utility network, we wanted to give you an opportunity to ‘get under the hood...

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Vision and overview of the utility network

In my former life at Alabama Power Company, I used to have a manager who would give me requirements like the Ronco Man’s signature line...

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