Sarah McDonald

Sarah is a Product Engineer for ArcGIS Online that works on Instant Apps. She has been with Esri since 2016 and enjoys cycling, yoga, and hanging with her dog.

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It has never been easier to add color to your Instant Apps using the new theme component

Add new styles and brand your Instant App templates.

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Instant Apps: Updates to the Sidebar template

Learn about the updates available in the Sidebar Instant Apps template. (Updated at the June 2022 release)

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Display a collection of content with Portfolio

Explore the recent updates available in the Portfolio Instant Apps template. (Updated for the June 2022 release)

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What’s new in Instant Apps (September 2021): Introducing Sidebar

Use Sidebar to display a map alongside tools that edit, filter, and interact with data

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What’s new in Instant Apps (September 2021): Introducing the Basic template

Use the Basic template to create an app to share your map quickly in a simplified layout

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What’s new in ArcGIS Instant Apps (June 2021): Introducing Portfolio

Use the Portfolio template to showcase different types of related ArcGIS content.

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New functionality and updates to Media Map

Explore the new additions and updates that have been introduced to the Media Map configurable app.

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Display time-enabled data in Media Map

Use the time slider in the Media Map configurable app to display time-enabled data.

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Refining search capabilities in your Configurable Apps

Most configurable apps include a search tool, find out how to refine search so your audience can easily discover the right information.

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